Software for Syntor, MCX100 and Syntor X Radios

There are two dos based software packages. I haven't converted this software from dos to Windows because the dos .exe files are under 200k and do get the job done. Glitzy Windows software would be in excess of 4M making emailing or downloading difficult for many. Note that NO frequency checking is done which would restrict your input.
Originally designed to drive my homebrew bipolar prom programmer, these programs read and produce a binary file for use with commercial programmers. Software ScreenShots: Syntor  MCX100  Syntor X
Syntor & MCX-100 - Syntor X -
All vhf high band and uhf radios. The software enables use of high or low injection of receive local oscillator signal. This is very helpful when the vco is much higher than what would normally support a ham frequency.
Further, the program indicates when the chosen frequency is out of the vco's range. Syntor vco's are easy to modify but don't attempt it unless absolutely necessary. Modification entails soldering straps to the trimmer caps on the ceramic substrate vco. The ceramic can shatter.
Syntor radios have an optional prom based ctcss pl board. Software is included but this option is rarely used.
Vhf high (2M) and low (10M-6M) band plus range 2 uhf radios supports frequency, scan list, priority channels, ctcss pl encode/decode and tot (turn off timer). These radios are quite broadbanded so special techniques to extend into the ham bands are rarely necessary. However, the uhf version sometimes cannot quite get down to 440 but quit somewhere below 441 Mhz. One problem area is the tuning increments of uhf radios, 12.5 kHz. All software programs present 16 channels of information on the screen making double checking easy.
Modification of the MCX-100 vco is discouraged so the injection flipping function is invaluable.
MCX-100 radios often have a dual front end and software enables selection of front end for each channel. Software for the optional ctcss pl encode/decode prom is included as are typical scan files for 16 and 32 channel radios.
MCX100 did offer a low split vhf high band option. Software for this function is also included.