Composers:            Earl & Goldie Restorff 19915 NW Meadowlake Rd. Yamhill, Oregon 97148

                                 Phone  (503) 852‑6067  Cell: 1(503) 569‑0246

Record:                   Macgregor 5027

Footwork:               Opposite unless noted women's footwork in parentheses

Rhythm:                  Two Step RAL Phase II


Sequence:                                 Intro A B C A B C End



MEAS:                                                                  INTRODUCTION


1                               OPEN FC LOD, WAIT 2 Meas.: ;  Circle away and tog to SCP; ;

                                 In Open Wait; ;  Circle  LF twd COH fwd L Turn & cls R. fwd L. ‑; fwd R turn & cls L, fwd R‑;

                                                                                        Part  A


1‑4                           2 FWD TWO STEPS ; ;        HITCH 6 ; ,


                                 I ‑‑4~      Fwd L, cl R, fwd L‑‑; Fwd R, cls L, Fwd R‑;      fwd L, cls R, Bk L, ‑; Bk R, CI L, Fwd R,


5‑8                            2 FWD TWOSTFPS TO FC CWWALL ;  ;   2 TURNING TWO STEPS TO   BFLY ; ;

                                 5‑8         fwd L‑ cls R Fwd L.; ‑ Fwd R, cls L, Fwd R‑;  Sd L, cls R, fwd L across line of progression

                                               pvtg 1/2 RF to Cp.  COH ‑; Sd R cls L, Sd R pvtg 1/2 fc blending to Bfly‑;  (R‑F blend to       


                                                                                         PART B


1‑4                           TRAVELING DOORS  ; ; ; ;

                                 1‑4        In Bfly pos. Rk side L, rec.,‑, XLIF, side R, XLIF,‑‑, (Rk side R, rec.,‑; XRIF, side L, XRIF,‑;)

                                                     Rk side R, Rec., ‑; XR.IF, side L., XRIF‑; (Rk side L, rec.,‑‑, XLIF, side R, XLIF‑;

5‑8                                 CIRCLE AWAY 2 TWO STPS:, STRUT  T OG 4  B FLY  WALL ‑‑;

                                 5‑6        Circle LF twd COH fwd L, cls R, Fwd L‑;‑Fwd R, Cls L, fwd R trng LF to fc ptr,‑; 

                                 7‑8        Fwd L, - fwd R, ‑; fwd L, ‑ fwd R to bfly wall, ‑;                                                                  

                                                                                     PART C


1‑4                        LACE ACROSS; FWD TWO STEP TO OPEN; HITCH SIX;;

                              14          Lace across under joined M L & W R hands, change sides diagonally Fwd L, Cl R, Fwd

                                            L ‑; OP/LOD Fwd R, Cls L, Fwd R‑; Fwd L, cls R, Bk L‑; Bk R, cls L, Fwd R‑;


5‑6                        LACE ACROSS; FWD TWO STEP TO SCP;

                              5‑6         Lace across, under joined M R & W L hands, change sides diagonally Fwd L ,Cl R,

                                         Fwd L ‑; Fwd R, cls L, Fwd R, ‑; blending to scp.



1-2                        TWIRL VINE  2 : STEP APT AND POINT


                              1-2 Fwd L, Fwd R, ‑ (W Twirl RF, R, ‑ L,‑)       blend to OP‑FCG Apt L,‑, pt R to DLW,‑;